Which wedding gift would you prefer? Sheets, towels or a down payment for a new home?

Many engaged couples are passing on traditional registries focused on housewares and are creating wedding gift registries where friends and family can contribute to the down payment of a new home.

Two popular gift registry sites for homes are Hatch My House and Feather the Nest.

Hatch My House is an online gift and down payment registry. A registry where anyone can sign up, customize a house and start saving towards a home down payment, renovation or decor. Whether you are planning a wedding and saving for a home, renovating your condo, or raising funds for a home lost, Hatch My House is the way to own the home of your dreams.

By signing up for a Hatch My House account, you engage your family and friends in a fun, interactive way. Your family and friends can visit your house page and purchase a part of your ‘dream’ house e.g. a window for $75 or a door for $125. They leave the site knowing that the start of a great new life in a beautiful home is close within reach! Read More

Feather the Nest Now friends and family can help you build a better life that appreciates in value over the years instead of collecting dust. Normally when you have a reason to celebrate, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, baby shower or just a moving into your first home, people send you gifts that often go unused for months and sometimes get used less than once a year.

Now, you can “register” at Feather the Nest and build something together that can be used everyday by everyone including the loved ones that help you build it. Read More


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