REAL ESTATE UNSCRIPTED: City to Suburbs, New Construction, and New Baby – Whew!

As a sales associate for a national home builder, one day a nice young couple came into one of our suburban development communities. They were renting in the city, and had recently gotten married and now were expecting their first child. We hit it off immediately with lots of common interests in the city. They were really nice and great to talk to but they were also really nervous about making the transition from the city to the Smiling-Young-Pregnant-Couple-in-New-Home-Construction-Site1-CROPPEDburbs. I explained that the majority of buyers were people just like them who were hesitant about making the move to the suburbs, but it was going to be a really great next new chapter for them and their family. I spent about 3 weeks going through the entire sales process with them showing them what floor plans might be best for them as well as which homesites we had available. We went through the design process selecting all their upgrades and finishes. This was all prior to them signing a contract – I wanted to make sure they felt comfortable moving forward, as this was their first home. I also had the pleasure of meeting many of their family members and was happy answer questions from parents, uncles, and friends. I made myself very available to this couple and I was quick to respond to daily text messages. I wanted them to know they could trust me and I would be there to help throughout the entire process. They thanked me all the time for being so helpful for them.

They were very involved in the building process, coming in every weekend to go through the model again and to see the progress on their home. As we got closer to the closing, their stress levels started to rise and anxiety started to set in.

The week of the closing she wanted me to open the home for them so their cable person could get in. First, outside vendors aren’t allowed to come into the home before closing, and second, the construction team takes away all keys the week of closing so that any final work can be performed on the home and it looks perfect at closing. There were a couple of angry calls to me and my construction manager and after the closing, a not so complimentary customer service survey.

Not long after the closing the baby was born. I sent them a gift and called to congratulate them and they both apologized profusely and said that they were going crazy with moving, having the baby, and closing on their home all at once and they were actually very happy in their new home and we had all been excellent to work with. This just shows that even the most normal buyers can get a little crazy with all the work that is involved with buying a new home.